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Out of control parents and coaches. The kids won't take it anymore.

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Mutiny in the Dugout - book cover.
Book Cover
Mutiny in the Dugout - Script Cover
Script Cover

Mutiny in the Dugout, by Rod Kent

Charlie, an upcoming pro baseball player, returns home to find himself recruited to coach his dad’s little league team and reunited with his lost love. As Charlie and the team vie for the championship, they’re left wondering who exactly needs to grow up—the kids or the adults? Only a mutiny in the dugout will provide the answer as chaos escalates in the last game of the season.

The book is about love, friendship and the challenges coaches face to give kids a good experience in the sport of baseball. How far will parents go to see that their kid is the star of the game?

The book is available for digital download or to order on It may be ordered through Walmart, Barnes and Noble and other online retailers as well.